List of Skills

High Skills

  • Acting (Social Skill, considered a Perform Skill; Race, Gender, Profession)
  • Artisan [Macro-skill: specific aesthetic craft]
  • Calligraphy (Considered an Artisan Skill) [Macro-skill: specific language; Cipher]
  • Courtier (Social Skill; Gossip, Manipulation, Rhetoric)
  • Divination (Astrology, Casting Lots)
  • Etiquette (Social Skill; Bureaucracy, Conversation, Courtesy, specific race)
  • Games [Macro-skill: Chess, Dejarik, other specific games]
  • Investigation (Interrogation, Notice, Search)
  • Lore [Macro-skill: Anatomy, Architecture, Jedi, specific racial or planetary culture, Heraldry, History, the Force, specific planet/system, Weapon Design, Ship Design, Sith, Law, Underworld, War, &c.]
  • Medicine (Antidotes, Disease, Herbalism, specific race, Wound Treatment)
  • Meditation (Fasting, Force Recovery)
  • Perform (Macro-skill: Dance, Oratory, Puppeteer, Song, Storytelling, specific instrument, &c.)
  • Sincerity (Social Skill; Honesty, Deceit)
  • Forcecraft (Importune, Force Power Research)

Bugei Skills

  • Athletics (Climbing, Jumping, Running, Swimming, Throwing)
  • Battle/Command (Boarding Action, Fleet Operations, Surface Engagement, Skirmish, specific enemy)
  • Defense (Macro-skill: Fighter, Capital Ship, Space Station, Personal)
  • Fighter Piloting (Zero Gravity, Atmospheric, specific make/model)
  • Starship Piloting (Freighters, Capital Ships, specific make/model)
  • Hunting (Survival, Tracking, Trailblazing)
  • Dueling (Melee, Ranged)
  • Brawling (Grappling, Improvised Weapons, Martial Arts)
  • Beast Riding (specific species)

Weapon Skills

  • Advanced Melee Weapons (Electrostaff, Force Pike, Vibro-axe, Vibro-blade, Vibro-knife)
  • Archaic Slugthrowers (Revolvers, Rifles, Machine Guns, Black Powder Weapons)
  • Electromagnetic Propulsion Weapons (Bowcaster, Railgun)
  • Flinging Weapons (Atlatl, Cesta, Sling)
  • Diffusion Weapons (Flamethrower)
  • Grenades (Thermal Detonators, Energy Ball, Energy Burst Grenades, Frag Grenades)
  • Heavy Weapons (Blaster Cannon, Grenade Launcher, Heavy Repeating Blaster, Missile Launcher, E-Web Repeating Blaster)
  • Energy Pistols (Blaster Pistol, Heavy Blaster Pistol, Hold-Out Blaster, Sporting Blaster, Ion Pistol)
  • Energy Rifles (Blaster Carbine, Blaster Rifle, Heavy Blaster Rifle, Sporting Blaster Rifle, Light Repeating Blaster, Ion Rifle)
  • Simple Weapons (Club, Combat Gloves, Knife, Mace, Quarterstaff, Stun Baton, Spear, Net, Bow)
  • Lightsaber (Single Blade, Double Blade, Deflection)
  • Ship Weapons (Fighter, Capital Ship)

Merchant Skills

  • Beast Handling (specific species)
  • Commerce (Appraisal, Mathematics)
  • Craft (Macro-skill: Armorcraft, Blacksmith, Bowyer, Brewing, Carpentry, Cartography, Cobbling, Cooking, Farming, Fishing, Glazier, Masonry, Mining, Poison, Pottery, Shipbuilding, Tailoring, Weaponcraft, Weaving, Welding, &c.)
  • Computer (Considered a Craft Skill; Astrogation, Communications, Droids, Hardware, Security, Sensors)
  • Engineering (Considered a Craft Skill; Construction, Siege)
  • Planetary Vehicle Piloting (Ground, Hover, Jet Pack, Navigation, Powersuit, Repulsorlift, Rocket Pack, Sailing, Swoop, Walker)

Low Skills

  • Forgery (Considered a Craft Skill; Artwork, Documents, Personal Seal, &c.)
  • Intimidation (Social Skill; Bullying, Control, Torture)
  • Sleight of Hand (Conceal, Escape, Pick Pocket, Prestidigitation)
  • Stealth (Ambush, Shadowing, Sneaking, Force Use)
  • Temptation (Social Skill; Bribery, Seduction)

List of Skills

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