Advertisement for BRV-2

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good droid at your side

Are you sick of security droids who spout irritating nonsense and can’t hit a 2 meter target? Do you have the need for unobtrusive protection for what you hold dear? Have you wondered if it’s possible to have a loyal droid who has the intelligence to be trusted with younglings? Well worry no longer the BRV-2 is here to meet your needs.

The Exclusive IMPRINT™ technology ensures loyalty while not sacrificing complex reasoning and creativity. The imprint is hard coded in the droids system making it impossible for an enemy agent to reprogram your droid against you. When you purchase a BRV-2 you are not just getting a top notch security agent you’re getting an Ally for life. Durable and Reliable the BRV-2 will not only be a boon now, but this beautifully engineered Droid will be with your family for generations(1)

The BRV-2 comes in a variety of designer finishes from midnight purple to stealth black. the software is customized for you based on your needs and requirements

(1)using the Re IMPRINT™ feature requires an authorized technician.

Advertisement for BRV-2

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