General Guy D'Shrré

Black sheep son of society trying to save the environment, by any means necessary. His mastery of explosives might just help, though.


General Guy D’Sharré, neé Jasmin D’Sharré, was born into a wealthy & preeminent Ithorian family, aboard a lead herdship planet Ithor. As high priests of Mother Jungle, her parents lead the floating city.

Jasmin is a hermaphrodite (more visible in Ithorians, as she has three humps in the back of her head, a doubling of her species’ secondary-sex characteristics). Her mother, at least, believed that this was due to fallout from Czerka Corporation experimention on the bafforr tree— an enterprise that her parents had approved as a way of sharing Mother Jungle’s gifts with the outside world.

Her mother, guilty and horrified at what she saw as Jasmin’s unnatural nature, hid this fact, forcing Jasmin to wear bonnets and raising her as a girl, while ineffectually attempting to peacefully expel the scientists.

Jasmin chafed at the slow and ineffective nature of these protests; petitions and teach-ins were no remedy to what she saw as her freakishness. She saw her people’s peaceful ways as folly— and indeed a betrayal of Mother Jungle and the delicate ecosystems of every planet. How could placards stand up to well-armed well-funded intergalactic corporations?

Jasmin, with her lifelong droid companion Corporal Punishment, then known as Seaflower, formed an eco-terrorist army of two—: Jasmin stole into the laboratory/outpost where the Czerka Corporation scientists lived & worked, and filled it to the gills with homemade explosives. Gifted in the sciences, Jasmin urned her mastery of chemistry into murder: Nothing but a hole in the ground was left of the lab or those in it.

Czerka Corporation sent in investigators, who found traces of Ithorian slime matching Jasmin’s genes and droid tracks matching Corporal Punishment, and pressed charges. Both were successfully defended by their family counsel {Matt’s Character}. She also took this opportunity to legally change her name to Guy, rebelling against her mother’s views and treatment of her gender.

However, unable to hide the truth from her parents, Jasmin was expelled from Ithorian society. Her father respected her decisive strike against the Czerka Corp.- which did compel them to close down an unsuccessful operation- but, as high priests of a pacifist people, they could not publicly tolerate behavior from their child that they would accept from no Ithorian. Guy informed them that she wanted to leave anyway, so that they could take this fight to the Czerka Corp’s new operations on Kashyyyk.

In hopes of protecting their strange rebel child (and keeping their family name out of the intergalactic news), they allowed Guy to take Corporal Punishment and {Matt’s Character} with her, and made a substantial anonymous donation to the {Eco-Liberation Army}— including a ship.

General Guy D'Shrré

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