A successful entrepreneur in the honorable field of extralegal import and export


Saa Saavedra, known to one and all as “Ace”, is a handsome and dashing hero who would be a profitable addition to your adventuring party.

Like all Zabrak people, he has an attractive set of horns on his head and a distinctive set of facial tattoos that can only be described as a work of staggering artistic genius. A legendary marksman with a heavy blaster pistol, wise in the lore of the underworld, and gifted in the social graces, Ace is clearly the man for your job… whatever that job happens to be.

Born on the harsh and unforgiving world of Iridonia, home of the Zabrak people, Ace learned from an early age that he could achieve anything he set his mind to… especially if his mind was on money. Through an apprenticeship with a local small business owner, he learned the secret to financial success in interplanetary trade: valuable goods have an amazing tendency to fall off the back of starship freighters. Soon, Ace struck out on his own and built a modest, but highly successful enterprise in the lucrative field of importing and exporting goods that just happen (by perfectly ethical and honorable means) to fall from the stars and land in the cargo bay of a very fast, unregistered spacecraft.

Sadly, due to an unfortunate misunderstanding with a much wealthier and more influential business rival, Ace was forced to abruptly leave his home and business behind and start life anew with fewer resources and a lower profile. So he chose to travel the galaxy alone in his trusty starship, the Handsome Devil, selflessly helping the wealthy and trusting citizens of far-flung worlds to take part in fabulous once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities.

Not long ago, Ace came to the sleepy world of Kashyyk and set up a profitable venture selling high-tech cutting tools to the Czerka Corporation. Sadly, due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, some corporate agents got a crazy idea in their heads that the high-quality tools sold to them by Ace were the exact same items that had recently disappeared from their warehouse. How silly of them! Alas, Ace was compelled by their superior firepower to strike out for greener pastures on foot, leaving his beloved ship behind.

After locating a peaceful little village in a scenic rural area, Ace once again set up a successful business helping the locals pursue prosperity by investing in a promising new luxury treehouse subdivision. Sadly, due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, dozens of wookiee families came to erroneously believe that they had all bought the same property. Ace decided that the best way to stay attached to all of his limbs was to leave town with all due haste.

In short, this is a fabulous opportunity for you to hire the services of a most gifted and respected entrepreneur… a man of great individual initiative who bears arms skillfully, an expert marksman, swordsman, kung fu fighter, lover of women, hero to the downtrodden, and gifted purveyor of epic sincerity for the low, low hourly rate of zero credits. In fact, he’ll pay you! (Note: all checks will be postdated by two weeks)

Call now, because this offer won’t last! (Seriously, please hurry!)


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